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Written by the late-medieval German Minnesänger Henrich of Meissen (c.1250- 1318), Kreuzleich – Lay of the Cross – is an extended sung poem which explores the nature of the Holy Cross as both symbol and relic. It is a remarkable poem whose music is expressive and graceful; it must have astonished the ears of his contemporary listeners. Little information has come down to us from Heinrich’s time to allow us to perform this music with any real certainty, and there are many unanswered and unanswerable questions concerning the performance practice of the time. Composer Karsten Gundermann has stepped in and, using Heinrich’s melodies, has fashioned not a reconstruction of how it might have been 800 years ago but rather an attractive new work for soloists, choir and orchestra. The results are appealing, despite when they occasionally remind one of the Hollywood cinema idea of medieval music. Sebastian Krahnert and his forces are well caught in this live recording.

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