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Friedhelm Flamme’s discography is now voluminous in its proportions and Henri Mulet is the latest to be surveyed by CPO’s house organist. Complete recordings of the delicious Esquisses byzantines, which comprise the first disc, are comparatively rare, so this is a welcome addition. The second disc consists of the remainder of Mulet’s organ output and is a reminder of his ability to produce attractive melodic earworms. The mixture of French and German nomenclature in the specification of the Mühleisen organ reflects its eclecticism. This is a fine organ, extremely well finished and has most, if not quite all, of the sounds Mulet calls for in his registration indications. Nevertheless, the flues are quite articulate and the recording quite direct: a slightly off-colour choice for this evocative repertoire, perhaps, and especially when compared with the Puget organ in Toulouse used by Virgile Monin for his Solstice recording of the Esquisses reviewed in the Nov/Dec 2015 edition of Choir & Organ.

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