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The Argentinian bandoneón player and composer Dino Saluzzi, well-known for his work with jazz musicians, has often collaborated with classical performers too, notably the Rosamunde Quartett and cellist Anja Lechner. Imágenes, released to mark his 80th birthday, is his first album of solo piano compositions and is beautifully played by his fellow countryman Horacio Lavandera, a specialist in contemporary music. The pieces here, which date from 1960 to 2002, are previously unrecorded, at least on piano; while a few titles (Romance, Vals Para Verenna) are familiar from earlier albums, they still fit the piano perfectly. Saluzzi’s music is impressionistic, evoking fleeting images with wraithlike hints of melody. Yet, however much it keeps changing, the music always sounds calm and purposeful. Imágenes is a lovely album, its air of quiet reflection affirming the truth of Saluzzi’s statement that he composes ‘with hopes and memories’.

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